Tips On Buying A Used Car In Australia

Buying a used car is not cheap in Australia. So, it is essential to keep few things in mind before investing a good amount of money for the purchase of a used car. Make sure your newly bought used car will not breakdown within few days of driving. If you wish to strike a good deal from the used car sales Cairns, follow these important tips:

  • Overview

Firstly, check the car thoroughly. Examine its body for dents and signs of rust. Check whether the locks are working properly and the fuel tank cap fits correctly. Most importantly, you need to look at the engine. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the engine should match with the number mentioned on the registration certificate.


  • Mileage

Checking the mileage on the odometer is crucial. It gives you an idea about the condition of the engine. How many miles have the car already run? If the car has run several thousand miles, it indicates much wear and tear on the engine. In this case, you should bargain on the price.

  • Accidents

Before buying used cars Cairns, the buyers must check if the cars have been in any accident. You can check online to know the car history reports are available in the database.

  • Service History

Find out the service history of the used car. You will find it in the service book and should check every record. Every service has to be stamped by a registered garage.

  • Fuel Efficiency

Before buying the used car, you must check its fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is one of the crucial matters Australians check before buying a used car. Especially, if you plan to drive the car for long distances regularly, you must invest in a car with excellent fuel efficiency.

  • Price

Make sure that you pay a fair price for the used car. You should know the difference between the price asked by a dealer and a private seller. How much is GST applicable on the used car sold by a dealer in Australia? Bargain with the dealer to ensure you get a good read.

 Above all, don’t forget to test drive the car. It enables you to detect if the car has any problem. A test drive also gives you peace of mind before finalising the deal.


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